The first pain free step means a lot
Custom foot care in 5 minutes: Any device, everywhere.
Every step with Hike is one of a kind.
Custom to just your feet.

Our custom insoles are crafted based on a 3D model of your foot, analyzed by our AI.  No two feet are alike, so no Hike insoles are either.

Built for
hard-working people.

Our Insoles last for one year - 3x longer than store-bought on average! We know you work hard, so our insoles work just as hard for you.

Numbers speak, even if they're not everything

Medicare compliant
insoles delivered
Years of collective clinical experience
Experts ready to
help you
Generic insoles delivered
From work to Play

Enjoy all out freedom

Meet Mary Ward, who joined Hike when it was offered by her employer. She is one of the many hard working individuals who trusted Hike to help with her foot, knee, and lower back pain.

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Helping you move

Solving foot pain means more than bringing relief to millions of people. Our mission is deeply rooted in ensuring our workforce is happy and healthy for future generations.

Our core values
Delivering Accessible Care at Warp Speed
We believe that the most innovative technology should be accessible to everyone. This is why Hike works on any device, any where! Guaranteed rapid delivery.
Made in the USA
Our 3D print farm runs around the clock in Peoria, Illinois. We're passionate about building things in our communities.
The Field is our Textbook
Each member on our team (engineering, design, operations) has spent at least 80 hours in the field with our partner workforces. We believe true knowledge comes from our users.
the highest engagement employee benefit in the usa
Employers: offer your employees mobility and save.
Custom insoles without breaking the bank, and wasting fuel in the tank.
Here's what you need to know
What is Hike? 

We leverage AI and 3D printing to deliver custom insoles quickly and affordably. Skip the costly doctor visits and get high-quality, effective insoles directly to your doorstep, ensuring comfort and reducing healthcare costs. Perfect for both employers and employees seeking a smarter solution to foot care.

What makes Hike different?

Hike offers user-friendly solutions without the need for apps, sensors, or doctor visits. With 24/7 multilingual support and a high enrollment rate, we boost productivity, morale, and reduce health costs, particularly for those on hard surfaces. Partner with us for a healthier, happier workforce.

How long can my employees use Hike Insoles?  

Longer lasting than any off the shelf insoles, Hike insoles are tested for prolonged wear and made to be used for 1 full year.

Are floor mats better? 

Floor mats are prone to causing slips, trips, and falls - and it's well known that employees don't enjoy them. They stay in one location, and act as nothing more than a wobble board. Hike insoles provide the custom support people need to thrive at work and at home.